Modify 71 - Clio 200 Cup Track Car Build - Part 1

Modify 71 - Clio 200 Cup Track Car Build - Part 1

Modify 71 - Clio 200 Cup Track Car Build - Part 1

Introducing you to the Clio 200 shop track car, this was purchased in June 4 days ahead of the Modify71 team trip to the Nurburgring.. just a tad last minute. It was purchased fully stripped with a half cage fitted and ready to go.

The car performed faultlessly on track and we were able to run a 8:47 BTG, with the only modifications being an LSD and some H&R lowering springs. Since returning back from the ring some more modifications have taken place.

First up was removing the standard Renaultsport Recaro's and replacing them with these two Cobra Bucket seats, one being a Suzuka Pro fit and the other being a Imola Pro fit. We were unable to source 2 exactly the same but the Suzuka does have a cool story being removed from a Ferrari 458 GT3 Race car. The weight saving being 20+kg.

After 8 laps of the Nordschleife and a 15 minute session on the GP Track, the brakes were definitely in need of a change, we opted for the new Brembo Xtra discs and EBC RP-X Brake pads, yes we know the suspension is a tad on the crusty side... time to get some coilovers ordered.

This is the car in it's current form, we also fitted some Bimecc 19mm Spacers whilst doing the brakes to give it that perfect oem+ look we like here at Modify71, we have a few more modifications to make but we plan to keep this build N/A and exciting, reviewing the products we sell.

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