S5 B9

Modify 71 - Audi S5 B9 Build - Part 1

Modify 71 - Audi S5 B9 Build - Part 1

So, the Audi S5 B9 build has begun. The Audi S5 is a very understated looking car, which can really benefit from a few modifications. 

The first modification we started off with was the H&R 25mm lowering springs. These really helped to give a much mean stance and improve the handling, whilst still keeping a smooth ride quality. 

We next moved onto sorting out the wheel fitment. After lowering, the wheels looked lost in the arches.... the only fix is to add wheel spacers. We added Bimecc 12.5mm spacers to the front and 15mm to the rear, with extended bolts.

audi wheel spacerspacers fitted

Stay tuned for our next blog post for some carbon fibre parts...

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