Modify 71 - Clio 200 Cup Track Car Build - Part 3

Modify 71 - Clio 200 Cup Track Car Build - Part 3

Modify 71 - Clio 200 Cup Track Car Build - Part 3

The last write up for the shop Clio, the car was put into storage in September to avoid the winter weather. Whilst the car was in storage I was able to source a set of Nankang AR1's in a 215/45/17 fitment, so set about getting these fitted on the car and getting rid of the absolutely awful Yokahama AD08RS.

We had a Nurburgring trip booked in for the 30-4th of July, so set about a shakedown at Snetterton for an evening session to get a feel for the car and see if there was any other work that was needed ahead of the ring.

The Clio was faultless and we cannot recommend the Nankang AR1's enough, these are absolutely brilliant tyres, the road noise is fairly high but a small compromise for on track performance. However, on returning from Snetterton it was clearly obvious the car had a coolant leak as it had ran down my hill at home.

I was able to source a used but good condition radiator from Ktec Racing, we decided to take advantage of the fact that the front bumper had to come off, so whilst it was there we decided to fit brake ducts, as this was a Clio 200 Cup it didn't come with the optional fog lights just covers, so we drilled these out and sourced some brake duct brackets from RSP Engineering, I was also able to source a set of projector headlights (these are very rare nowadays). To run the brake ducts the washer bottle gets in the way so I sourced a smaller washer bottle from amazon and simply crimped the existing wiring.

This was just a test fit, we did cable tie these on after this picture.

Quick drive to a multistory to see how it all looks, then onto the nurburgring for the Modify71 trip.

The shop Clio chasing the shop Megane around the ring. The clio was able to run an 8:31 BTG and the megane and 8:28 (Tyres let it down, a set of AR1's inbound).

The Clio in its final form, the car is now up for sale as we move onto bigger things with the E92 M3 Track car build, blog write up is incoming for that.

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