EBC BBK for BMW M3 - F80

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 EBC APOLLO 6 Piston Caliper

  • EBC’s lightweight yet robust aluminium 6-piston brake caliper features a two-piece bolted design reinforced with high-tensile 12.9-grade steel bolts, enhancing caliper stiffness significantly over monobloc designs, as confirmed by computer FEA analysis.
  • These calipers are precision-machined from heat-treated low-pressure castings, providing a performance edge over conventional gravity cast calipers with higher overall strength and comparable caliper body stiffness to forging. High-temperature fluid seals and full boot-type dust seals offer maximum protection against road grime and debris.
  • The lightweight, anodised aluminium um staggered pistons with serrated/castellated piston noses minimise heat transfer to the braking hydraulics. Each brake caliper undergoes pressure testing to 2,500 psi, ensuring reliability.
  • With full stainless-steel hardware and fittings, these calipers are built for durability and longevity, resistant to rust. They accommodate standard pad shapes, offering flexibility in brake pad selection.
  • Instead of a powder-coated finish, Apollo calipers use an advanced high-temperature Teflon™ polyester coating process for lasting aesthetics. They are available in Stealth Black, Storm Shadow Blue, Luminous Yellow, and Racing Red.

Fully Floating Two-Piece discs

  • Fully-floating 380x36mm two-piece discs allow the outer ring to expand freely in response to heat, reducing stress, extending disc life, and minimizing the risk of cracking during extreme use.
  • The drive bobbins, machined from a single piece of stainless steel, provide maximum strength and corrosion resistance, lowering maintenance needs and ensuring the outer ring remains freely floating over time.
  • The disc rings feature 48 directional internal curved vanes for enhanced cooling. The unique 'Swept Groove' slot design effectively evacuates braking dust and gases while ensuring a strong initial bite during brake application.
  • Now, with the latest thermic black corrosion-resistant finish, these discs offer cutting-edge rust prevention.

EBC Bluestuff NDX Brake pads

  • Every EBC 6-piston Apollo Big Brake Kit includes EBC Bluestuff™ NDX pads for the front axle
  • Bluestuff™ NDX pads are now road legal in most markets
  • They combine excellent cold bite with the capability to perform well in short bursts of track or race conditions

EBC Stainless Steel Braided Brake lines

  • Every kit includes EBC Brakes’ stainless-steel braided brake lines for the front axle.
  • The stainless-steel braided exterior prevents 'ballooning', eliminating the spongy feel of OE rubber lines.
  • This design provides greater precision and improved feel under braking.

EBC Super Dot 4 Brake Fluid

  • Each kit includes 1 liter of BF307+ super DOT 4 brake fluid.
  • This fluid boasts a 310°C boiling point, significantly higher than standard DOT 5.1 fluid.
  • The high boiling point ensures exceptional endurance, enabling extended periods of hard driving without heat soak causing fluid boil and brake fade.


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