AIRTEC 70mm Core intercooler for Renault Megane MK2 225/R26


The Airtec 70mm core "low lag" intercooler is a great addition to your Renault Megane 225 or R26. Designed with air-ram scoop, it helps to feed air into the intercooler. The intercooler can cope up to a maximum level of 400bhp.


  • Designed and produced by Airtec UK
  • 70mm Core
  • Added air-ram scoop
  • Helps maintain lower intake temperatures
  • Good for up to 400bhp


  • Renault Megane 225
  • Renault Megane 225 Trophy
  • Renault Megane 225 F1
  • Renault Megane R26
  • Renault Megane R26R


3 Year unlimited mileage warranty


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